Still searching… Baked Doughnuts

I’m trying to find a good doughnut recipe.

So far I’ve tried three. My personal favourite recipe requires deep frying, and while I love fried doughnuts (as do most doughnut aficionados that I know of) no one else in my family and circle of friends seems to agree!

All these years that I have been making these doughnuts and declaring them to be my finest baked good, little did I know that everyone was only patiently devouring them.

This is what motivated me to find an equally good baked doughnut recipe. The second recipe I tried was a yeasted dough that had to be proofed for an hour. It was very easy to put together and I didn’t even need a doughnut pan. But I was disappointed with the results; the doughnuts were too pale (compared to my preference for a slightly richer, golden hue) and more importantly, it didn’t have that delicious ‘yeasty’ doughnut flavour that the doughnuts, available at the famous bakery two minutes from our house, have.

So I tried a third recipe today. And this time there was no messing about with proofing. It was a cinch to put together. They baked like dreams, but one bite was enough to disappoint me again. The ‘doughnuts’ were less doughnuts and more of a slightly denser sponge cake complete with a slightly bubbly and sticky top (as can be seen in the picture below).

And so the search continues…


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